♔’Princess Diana’s View’

A picture speaks a thousand words. This poignant & beautiful photo, was taken from the top of George IV Gateway, Windsor Castle, and shows the new bride and groom- the Duke & Duchess of Sussex, holding hands during their carriage ride around Windsor.

Some have named the shot “Princess Diana’s view” as though Prince Harry’s late mother Diana was watching over the newlyweds from above on their special day- with many also calling attention to how their bodies appear to form the shape of a heart.

Diana's VIEW

The picture Many are calling “Princess Diana’s view”

The shot was taken by Press Association photographer Yui Mok, one of a team of 22 or more Press Association photographers assigned to take photos of the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

In an interview with Town and country Magazine, he explained the moments leading up to shooting the now iconic photo:

‘The initial plan was for me to capture the carriage procession making its way along the Long Walk, flanked by the many thousands of well-wishers who had lined the route. It would make for a marvelous general view, or what we photographers call a ‘GV,’ showing an overview of the turnout, the colour, and the scale of the occasion. My photos were to provide atmospheric support to the key shots that my colleagues—in various other positions in and around Windsor Castle—would be shooting.”

Royal Wedding Long Walk Windsor. Getty Images Getty Images-

‘GV’ Shot of the Carriage Procession -Long Walk Windsor. Getty Images

Yui also captured another fantastic shot of the SECOND ‘Secret’ Kiss:

“As the newly-married couple started down the Long Walk, I proceeded to take the GVs that I needed using a very long Canon 600 mm lens, with the carriage framed by the crowd either side. The distance was far too great to actually see the couple in their carriage at this point, and it was only until they passed the Castle gate and left the throngs of public behind that I could begin to get some clear shots of them. During this time they decided to kiss, which also made for a lovely picture.”


‘The ‘Secret’ Kiss Getty/ PA Yui Mok

“I had noticed earlier that there were a couple of portholes covered with metal grilles on the floor where I stood, through which you could see directly to the ground below. I had seen various vehicles underneath me during the time spent waiting, and decided to try for a shot of their carriage passing through. I figured that a shot of them together from an overhead view would be something unique from the other photographer’s angles, something a little bit artistic even.”

King George IV Gate - Windsor Castle

King George IV Gate – Windsor Castle

“As they kept coming toward me I had a mere minute or so left of shooting opportunity before they would disappear out of my sight.

Yui Mok/ Getty images

A view of the happy couple from the top of the George IV Gateway at Windsor Castle.

♫ Love and marriage, love and marriage, Go together like a horse and carriage ♫ 

“The carriage took less than a second to pass underneath me, and in that time I had managed to shoot five frames, one of which would end up as one of the most memorable photos of the whole wedding. Of course, had the carriage driven a foot or so either side of my viewpoint, there wouldn’t have been a picture.”


“In general, I felt a huge sense of relief when the job was done, insofar as nothing went awry, I encountered no technical hitches, and I came away with the bonus of a very unusual, serendipitous photograph that subsequently has touched and moved millions of people around the world. It’s the kind of photograph you take once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky.”


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