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♔Michael Caine ‘My Generation’

Sir Michael in his Classic Boxing Pose (Photo by Stephan C Archetti/Getty Images)

British film icon Sir Michael Caine who starred in such classic British films as ‘Alfie’ and ‘Get Carter‘ turned 85 this month (14/03). He’d be forgiven for reaching for his pipe and slippers – but instead the famous Cockney is starring in a brand new documentary. ‘My Generation’.

‘Me and my mates used to hear our parents talking about the good old days. We asked ourselves, what was so good about them? For the first time in history, the young working class – people like me – stood up for ourselves and said, “We are here, this is our society, and we are not going away.”‘

Michael Caine during the Alfie days (picture: My Generation)

Fronted by Michael Caine and directed by David Batty ‘My Generation‘ tells the story of –  British youth culture in the 1960s.

With Interviews from Paul McCartney and Marianne Faithful- highlighted by archival footage, and backed with the swinging and psychedelic soundtracks of The Rolling Stones, The Who and The Beatles. In cinemas NOW


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