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♔Brambly Hedge-Winter Story

Brambly Hedge- Winter Story by Jill Barklem

Deep in the dark roots of Brambly Hedge tiny lights appeared as lamps were lit in the windows. More little lights could be seen leaving the Store Stump, moving hastily along the hedgerow, and disappearing into holes hidden in the twisty roots. The mice had smelled snow in the air, and were all hurrying home to a nice hot supper by the fire.

Mr Apple, warden of Store Stump, was the last to leave for home. By the time he reached Crabapple Cottage, the first flakes were beginning to fall.

“Is that you dear?” called Mrs. Apple as he left himself in through the front door. Delicious smells wafted down from the kitchen. Mrs. Apple had spent the afternoon baking pies, cakes, and pudding for the cold days to come. She drew two armchairs up to the fire, and brought in their supper on a tray.

Brambly Hedge-Winter Story by Jill Barklem.


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Redheaded Booklover

Your blog is beautiful. thank you!


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