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♔Chesil Beach- Dorset England

Chesil beach| Dorset

Chesil beach is one of three major shingle structures in Britain. It dominates some of the best and most famous views there are of the Dorset Coast.

“The Chesil” as the locals call it, is an 18-mile-long, 160 metres wide band of shingle, rising to 12 metres in height. The beach is part of the Jurassic Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the location for a 2007 novel, ’On Chesil Beach’ by Ian McEwan.

Trapped behind this pebble bank is the Fleet – one of the most wildlife-rich lagoons in the country, and home to the The little egret, once a rare visitor to the UK-but is now seen regularly along the shores.

little egret| Lesley Potts

At the eastern end of the beach is the village of Chiswell. The beach here has been the scene of many shipwrecks, and as such was named by Thomas Hardy as “Dead Man’s Bay”.


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