‘Gather ye blackberries while ye may.’ The old English Legend of the Devil and the Blackberries.

Grown in abundance in all manner of hedgerows,British Blackberries are
normally at their best at the end of August to September. An old English
Legend has it that any picked after September 29 are best avoided.

The saying is that the Devil was kicked out of heaven on October 11th
(Michaelmas). He landed on a blackberry bush. It must have hurt as each
year he takes his revenge by spoiling blackberries, Some say he spits on them, others that he pees on them.

Legend or not, what is true is that by October the damp weather and first ground frosts will have certainly soiled many crops.

So it’s time to eat as many blackberries as you can find, but be
warned, after September 29, those celebrating the feast of Michaelmas
warn you not to eat them!

Photo by Alex Treadway.



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